Small Business Loans For
Today's Small Businesses

Your credit is strong but you are unable to get the financing you need to continue to grow your business. As a leader in the alternative financing industry, Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC understands the needs and frustrations of America’s small business owners. By delivering innovative solutions to thousands of established small businesses we have been able to fill the void in small business financing.

In today’s economy many small business owners have found traditional means of financing are no longer available. Because of a lack of credit or credit issues created by running a small business, small business owners are negatively viewed by banks and traditional lenders. However, Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC recognizes small business owners face unique challenges that require unique solutions. Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC is in business to help small business owners achieve the success they deserve. Having the right business plan allows you to execute your strategies and puts you on track for success. Having the right financing tools to support your growth is where we come in. You believe in your business and now you have a partner that does as well.

How is Small Business Financial Solutions Different?

By focusing on a business’s historical cash flow and performance, Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC is flexible in its underwriting and able to customize financing plans that fit your business needs. Unlike a traditional loan:

  • We will let you know in as little as 24 hours if your application is pre-qualified.
    This will enable you to quickly know how much capital you qualify for and its cost.
  • We make a final decision on your application in as little as 48 hours.
    We require minimal documentation to be submitted with your application (much less than required by banks and traditional lenders).
  • You will receive your loan proceeds within 10 days.
    Loans are electronically transferred to your account after approval and a processing trial with your bank to confirm that your bank will accept our method of daily repayment.
  • We will provide you with multiple options for both loan amount and repayment term
    YOU decide which loan offer fits your needs.
  • No real property lien
    Unlike a bank, we do not require a lien on real property as a condition of our loan. We will file a UCC on your business but we will not require that it be senior to any current UCCs you have or loans you may have from other lenders, banks, financing companies, or equipment lease companies.
  • We underwrite on your cash flow
    A bank will review every aspect of your business as part of its underwriting process and typically will take a month or longer to decide not to provide you financing. We base our decision on your cash flow and respond to your request immediately.
  • Short repayment terms
    We keep our repayment terms short (typically less than a year) which makes it possible for you to get more funds to grow your business and not be subject to loan terms that restrict your business for years.