Our Small Business Loan Lending Process

Our small business loans are designed to get you the financing you need under the terms that work for you. Instead of locking you into a multi year payback and limiting your access to capital, we provide you with shorter term loans. The short term makes it possible for you to get additional funds to continue growing your business and not be subject to loan terms that restrict your business for years.

At Small Business Financial Solutions, LLC we understand that your business is your first priority. That's why we designed our process to be simple, transparent and efficient. Giving you access to the capital you need without taking you away from managing your business.


1. Application: Fill out a brief online application expressing interest in obtaining a loan (Application form in the upper right of this page).
2 Introduction: One of our experienced Account Executives will contact you to answer the questions and request any necessary documentation.
3. Qualification: Upon receipt of initial documentation, underwriting will do a preliminary review of your file and within 24 hours we will provide you with several options on how much we can loan you and the cost. This is a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE. Full underwriting will take approximately 48 hours from submission of a complete file.
4. Disbursement: Upon being approved, we collect final loan documents, verify with your bank that our daily repayment method is acceptable and then we wire funds into your business bank account. The entire process can be as quick as 10 business days.
5. Repayment: Payments are made through an agreed upon daily ACH from your business bank account, Monday through Friday, until your loan is either renewed or paid in full. This gives you the ability to know exactly how much you will repay on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Allowing you to manage your cash flow.

Automatic Daily Repayment

Small business loan repayment schedule example.

Repayment amounts and schedule are for illustration purposes only. Actual amounts and repayment terms will vary by contract.